Brazil Minas Gerais (1kg)

Brazil Minas Gerais (1kg)

per 1kg bag


JC Coffee Farms is a family partnership of Canaan Estate Coffee and Condado Estate Coffee, producers of fine Arabica beans.  The farms are located in the Carmo de Minas and Sul de Minas regions of Brazil.  The farms were established in the late 1800s as dairies, cattle ranches, and coffee plantations.  Situated in the mining face of the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, the plantation’s very fertile land and ideal climate has allowed for growth each year as well as excellent results in regional quality contests in Brazil.

JC is a part of the COCARIVE, headquartered in Carmo de Minas, which serves several local municipalities in the Mantiqueira de Minas region.  COCARIVE stands for the production of specialty coffees that promotes the development of the region.  The COCARIVE’s goal is to add value to high quality coffees while consolidating the region already recognized nationally and internationally as a producer of specialty coffees.  The COCARIVE provides its members the services of a professional structure with a high level of expertise in quality and taste evaluation.  The COCARIVE offers specialty coffee made unique as a product of controlled origin in Brazil.

JC Coffee Farms brings only the finest coffees from their family estates to the roasting room.  Every step of the process is controlled and managed by their farmers, from the seeds all the way to the delivery of the green beans.  They produce, process, export, import and distribute, so when you buy their coffees, you are purchasing direct from their farms.

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