About Rococo Coffee Roasting

The Story of Caffe Rococo

It was 1996; Japan introduced DVD’s, gas went for $0.98 a gallon, Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned, and high school friends Kent Beidel and Adam Olsen were graduating from their hometown Snohomish High School. They went off to college, began careers, and started families. They were likeminded, and had a parallel passion for coffee and community. Kent and Adam formed Rococo Coffee Roasting in 2008 with a simple vision; great coffee, strong relationships, and tireless service. Full attention on these three key ingredients proved to be a successful recipe. In 2010, Rococo moved its wholesale coffee roasting operation out of the warehouse into a downtown Kirkland, WA storefront and Caffé Rococo was born.

Great Coffee.

Most of our customers will only experience the end result of great coffee in an expertly crafted beverage at Caffé Rococo. But when you peel back the many layers of great coffee, at the core you will find countless hard working families and communities in each coffee producing country from around the world. Imagine the journey a single coffee bean will take; from growth to harvest, mill to market, export to import, green to roast, seed to cup, with great care every step of the way. We believe that roasting and preparing great coffee is our debt to repay, that we owe the best of our time and resources, and we are grateful for the opportunity we have been given in being able to share it with you the customer.

Strong Relationships.

We believe the strength of our relationships are directly proportionate to the potential of our business, and will make every effort to have our employees, vendors, customers, and community made felt valuable. Relationship is defined as a significant connection between two or more, and to connect you need to first be available. For customer questions, concerns, constructive criticisms, or praise, Kent and Adam would like the opportunity to address them personally:

Tireless Service.

In lieu of an employee handbook, our staff is met at orientation with the following Employee Expectation Agreement:

I, the Employee, acknowledge that during my employment all duties and my attempt to perform them will be measured against the definition of “Service” towards my Employer, fellow Employees, and Community in which I am employed.


  • serv • ice [sur-vis]
  • –noun
  • 1. the act of helpful activity

Not only is it our expectation from day one, but the tireless pursuit of helpful activity is our measurement against all we do as a company, and we believe this will prove to be our greatest differentiator from the competition.